Garden Things With Friends Podcast

Simple Garden Tips for Busy Beginner Gardeners

Join me and a community of like-minded garden enthusiasts as they share their experiences, tips, and green wisdom. From tiny apartment balconies to cozy backyard patches, we’ll explore how to create a flourishing garden sanctuary that fits your life.
Each episode, we’ll dive into inspiring stories from the world of gardening, uncover the secrets of successful gardening practices, and discuss sustainable and eco-conscious approaches to nurturing your plants and the planet. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned gardener, “Garden Things with Friends” offers something for everyone.
Tune in to connect with fellow gardeners, discover the therapeutic benefits of gardening, and get inspired to start your own green journey. Grab your cup of tea and join us as we sow the seeds of wisdom, grow together and cultivate a thriving garden even in the midst of a hectic lifestyle.
Check out each podcast episode below to listen, and grab additional resources from the show notes!

Latest Episodes

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